Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Personal Problems

I was an active and happy person, and had a great fondness for movies,
Like the enthusiastic nature lover, bears a fondness for outdoor beauties.

I indulged in both the old and new movies, those of almost every genre,
Like thunder rumbling through the mountains, to afford our lives drama.

I'd had this habit for a very long time, ever since I was a teenage child,
Glorying in happy days of youth, on byways where sunshine has smiled.

I had a job and other interests, but got lost in movies on the weekends,
Probing other lives and circumstance, like mysteries between bookends.

I wondered what it was like, living the adventure, mystery and glamour,
Like the drenching rains of summer, fall where fragrant beauties clamor.

My movie watching was a happy pastime, and never could I get enough,
Like the cerulean blue skies are always amassing, cottony clouds of fluff.

The deep green days had come, and sycamore trees danced to birdsong,
As dark shadows chased after gold sunshine, the whole breezy day long.

The berries were dark and ripe, and yellow butterflies were on the bush,
And nights were rich and glimmering, in silvery moonlight still and hush.

Then came a fateful Saturday, when my whole world turned topsy-turvy,
Just as pearl moon rises, as a red sun descends, when the night is early.

I was wishing for the thousandth time, I lived a life of greater vibrancy,
Like the main characters of my old movies, who had gained immortality.

I suddenly began to feel altered inside, as if I had become a new person,
Like lemony clouds that change colors, when weather's about to worsen!

Abruptly more relaxed and confident, I had a yen to dress elegantly too,
Similar to violet birds which rise up singing, once skies have turned blue.

And I also felt the compelling desire, to engross myself in glamour daily,
Like sunlit pearly smiles of yesterday, which linger in our minds vaguely.

I had plainly undergone a personality change, brought about by wishing,
My manner of speaking was even different, as spring green reminiscing!

I had barely adjusted to glamourous me, when I was once again altered,
Into a mysterious, secretive lady, like moonlight that's suddenly faltered.

The magic of my wishing, that sunlit Saturday, had also made me a spy,
However, I could not control these changes, though still I wondered why!

I had lately been a glamour girl, only to become a glamourous spy after,
But I was losing my self in some way, when the whim became my master.

More characters soon adhered to the others, such as a rebel and heroine,
Along with an adventuress, a frail damsel in distress, and the red queen!

My life was peopled with limitless characters, all in the space of one day,
So that I no longer knew who I was, and desperately wished them away.

Inside of me the clamor abruptly ceased, and I was wholly myself again,
A thing so rare, unique and precious, that I held my own personal fame!
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