Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Orange Serenade

Orioles, blue jays, blackbirds, and red robins all sing
robustly to tangelo sun, as meadows and woods ring.
All through spring and summer gloss, as roses glisten,
Nature's noonday, jade heartbeats, cause all to listen!
Glittering gold on green lakes-an afternoon of amber,
Exotic trills rise, in quiet hours of persimmon glamour.

Saffron songs swell in the orange peel, blossom fields,
entrancing them into a dark orange dance of the hills.
Rivoli's hummingbird hums, in a purple and teal coat
even donned in green and brown, in marigold soaked.
Nightingale croons plaintive, florid, butterscotch arias,
and there is revelry of roses, in far, marmalade areas!
Day is so long for rufous hummingbird, in fiery plumes,
Enriching hot, lime spaces, with apricot, droning tunes.
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