Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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One Velvet Evening

Tranquil, pearly moon arises, at the tangerine end of the memorable day,
Just like the ones we knew back when, until golden time was swept away.

Dressed up people laugh somewhere, very eager for a night on the town,
When the resplendent moon is wearing, twinkling diamonds in her crown.

And far-off planets are peering, in the vibrant hues of blue, beige and red,
A sign peaceful night is already dreaming, like hued flowers in their beds.

The breezes have grown gentle, from a continuous roar, to awed whisper,
Making forever tours of night country, as in the buttery, sunshine shimmer.

I was an admitted night owl, whose days began in the mahogany evening,
Like a wakeful artist striving for perfection, when he never stops believing.

I loved those frequent, charmed times, when pale stars visited my street,
Like the sunshine visits the rainbow, and makes its rare beauty complete.

I lived in the house of velvet whispers, and of rosy dreams in the making,
And vague shadows dancing all in moonlight, when the wind was invading.

Friendly neighbors sometimes visited by night, for a talk and some laughs,
Making for glad times and fond memories, of the kind in old photographs.

Deep summer's heat was being felt, through fervid days and sultry nights,
Coaxing beauty out of fragrant gardens, through colorful, radiant invites.

I recollect well that butterfly evening, when nature seemed exaggerated;
Like time staggering by too slowly, as fleeting seconds warily evaporated.

I was sitting on my honeysuckle porch, as the twilight got red, really red,
A lovely mixture of crimson and burgundy, that to all other things spread!

Cream flowed from a moon, as redbirds, sans rehearsal, sang new tunes,
And silk, balmy breezes blew a soft caress, to disperse garden perfumes.

That evening was quite atypical, with a deeper beauty than those before,
As if it might have been the first evening, knocking at the present's door!

The purple and orange butterflies, hadn't yet gone into mysterious hiding,
And they were extremely beautiful, next to the countless fireflies, gliding.

Innumerable stars held extra sparkle, like it was the first day of their lives,
And honeybees wandered purposefully, to the newly constructed beehives.

I had such a glorious time stargazing, as time shared with me a memory,
Of a distant ancestor of beloved evening, a rare jewel in her rich treasury!

Of course, I am still a night owl, with so many more reasons for being one,
As orioles have so many reasons for singing, underneath the dazzling sun!
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