Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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One Summer Night

I was rehearsing for an upcoming play, but it wasn't going well,
For I somehow lacked inspiration, and my delivery did not excel.

If only I could read more feelingly, I uttered with a sad sigh,
I would not fade away in the shadows, watching fame pass me by!

After many more attempts, I finally surrendered to my fatigue,
Completely dissatisfied and wishing, my success were guaranteed.

As I stood at my bedroom window, looking up at the pale stars,
One glinted off of my teardrop, as I gazed at the heavens afar.

And in that very moment, something magic seems to have occurred,
For it suddenly appeared as if, precious time itself had ruptured!

Just then I found myself dressed, in a fine flowing gown of cream,
Onstage with many fellow actors, in a Midsummer Night's Dream!

But certain facts had been changed, and history had turned a page,
For I was now in a Shakespearean play, in the Elizabethan Age!

In a woods scene I played Titania, the enthralling fairy queen,
And I began to feel like a true actress, in that forest so green!

I had at last found a role, which genuinely spoke to my heart,
And performing it was so thrilling, its joy would never depart.

I shone on that vintage stage, and I played my part so very well,
While the audience was in raptures, as if put under some spell.

And down in the audience, sitting sedately in the very first row,
I glimpsed William Shakespeare, who was enjoying his own show.

Like the sunshine unceasingly smiles, upon its own gay blooms,
Proud that they've brought raptures, to so many fragrant rooms!

Each of my fellow actors, were more than equal to their part.
And sought to engage the audience, the more benefit to impart.

Though the actors were all male, in that distant Elizabethan day,
By a stroke of magic or good fortune, I'd managed to get my way!

And I gave the performance of my life, and one I will never forget,
On a summer evening enchanted, soon after a multicolored sunset.

Moon and stars gleamed brightly, over the charm upon the stage,
And the audience was loving it all, so enthused and so engaged!

Like cool shadows of summer, forever interact with the sunshine,
As grapes interact with time, in the creation of any fine wine.

As the august evening wore on, we performed beneath the stars,
Like the sun that's always shining, until the sunset memoirs!

The play had reached a conclusion, with cheering from the crowd,
There was applause and many whistles, with a cacaphony quite loud.

And when I glanced at Shakespeare, he was looking right at me,
Then he tossed a red, red rose, which I caught and waved happily!

Suddenly the heavy curtain came down, all enchantment at an end,
As when the sun dries diamond dewdrops, and the magic suspends.

And then the world grew very dark, and I could see nothing at all,
Like legendary nighttime itself, awhile after the silent fall!

And in the impenetrable darkness, came the sound of singing birds,
And upon opening my eyes, I found time had again gone forwards.

I was back in my familiar bedroom, following an extravagant dream,
Early sun poured in the windows, and birds sang in treetops green!

My experiences of that summer night, were remarkably real to me,
For there is more magic in the world, than what we think we see.

In the ensuing years my acting career, reached unimagined heights,
Like a hot air balloon passenger, viewing sapphire aerial sights!

I had finally learned the lesson, that one must become the part,
If acting was to be elevated, from mere entertainment to an art!

And I will be forever haunted, by a role of a forest fairy queen,
And a rose I got from Shakespeare, in a Midsummer Night's Dream!
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