Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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No Longer in Possession

I was an active and happy person, whose sole hobby was collecting treasures,
As night collects vast amounts of silver, with its precious moonlight measures.

I loved to amass unusual items, like first edition books or movie memorabilia,
Vintage records, ticket stubs and posters, riveting as the scent of a gardenia.

My collection grew large over the years, like fancy blooms that follow the sun,
Strewing mixed colors over mountains and valleys, creating charming visions!

I kept this collection in the detached garage, of my house way up Sunset Hill,
Where beautiful bluebirds sang, until the glittering, mulberry, starlight thrills!

I loved my impressive collection to excess, not seeing my loved ones enough,
And spent much time organizing and purchasing, like clouds so often fluffed.

I hoped to one day open a museum, dedicated to the rarer and most unusual,
Where people would come from near and far, like the sparkling sunset jewels!

Cats frisked among vibrant daisies, and moon shone through darkling nights,
And day followed momentous day, like soldiers marching bravely off to fights.

One stormy night, I was abruptly awakened, by an echoing crash of thunder,
Like variegated, spontaneous, natural acts, which fill our hearts with wonder!

Thinking a tree must have been stricken, I paused and donned my rain gear,
Like calm stars, amassing to proclaim, International Glittering Twilight Year.

But alas, when I got outside, to my utter dismay, I found my garage burning,
Like night's dismay in a deep rose dawn, to discover its fortunes are turning!

The blaze was very large, without chance of recovery, like leaves once fallen,
When leaving gnarly trees hueless and bare, and weather gloomy and sullen.

Many years of dreams and striving were lost, like fine diamonds in the dust,
Or that sudden, unforeseen unexpected, from what you had grown to trust.

By the time firemen put out the fire, like lustrous midnight, it was too late,
And my total collection and garage were gone, like a tide which cannot wait!

My loved ones came to my assistance, even helping me to rebuild the edifice,
And I learned that placing too much value on things, can be rather perilous.

I would always put family first in my life, for possessions come and they go,
And love is clearly the finest treasure, like gold pouring in glinting windows!

Though, of course, I was saddened, I was greatly cheered by my loved ones,
Who aided in reviving my dream, with precious, new items for my collection.

Like drenching rains that keep on returning, sowing blossoms in their wake,
In an array of flamboyant colors, leaving impressions memory can't forsake!
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