Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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My Heart Sings

Little things in life are best of all,
As watching autumn leaves, snowflakes fall,
Or reading of Cinderella at the ball,
Or other legends that grew so tall-
My heart sings when robins call!

Church bells chime on Sunday morn;
In it, our hopes are born.
Who sought with variety to adorn,
Bird and bush and those yet unborn?
My heart sings because I'm never forlorn.

When Alice grew up, she touched the sky,
Drawn to White Rabbit, I don't know why.
If you wan't to question miracles, never try.
I just love to watch the bluebirds fly.
My heart sings, for God is nigh.

His love's all I ever needed.
Without it, I've not succeeded.
All my sins could not have fled,
But for The Man who healed the sick and raised the dead.
I rejoice for what He did and said.

Each moment, each ray of sun, He planned.
Nature is tended by God's loving hand.
Spread His word all over the land,
Live in eternal love so grand,
My heart sings of flowers in the sand.

Life and love are our destiny,
With Him, we must never disagree,
For dwellers of His days are we.
Ever watchful, Father, you call to me.
My heart sings to thee!
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