Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Moon Drop

I was an active, vibrant, happy person, and I was captivated by the moon,
In the way that summer lovers, are ofttimes charmed by romantic tunes.

Since early childhood, I had been enamored, of that limpid, pearly globe,
Which brought pure magic to a quiet nighttime, of silvery darkness probes.

I would lie bathed in radiance at night, and wonder what it was like there,
Like myriad soap bubbles are rising up, and then bursting colorfully midair!

I never outgrew the pleasant habit, of gazing to midnight, and wondering,
As redbirds look to the heavens above, when azure skies start thundering.

I did adore the turquoise skies, as well, like yellow canaries on the wing,
But there was a special place in my heart, for that pearly moon recurring!

My friends gave me moon related gifts-souvenirs and jewelry and candies,
Like the gift you get when you see, the pathway lined with purple pansies.

It was then languorous summertime, with the sun lavishing its old money,
Like the myriad blooms of every color, are lavishing gilt bees with honey!

The nights were black and glittering, and were abundant in habitual peace,
So that, lacking any disturbances, there was no need for the secret police.

I was enjoying life through my hobbies, and many other interests and loves,
Like plucking pink daisies in a field, when it seems you can not get enough!

I was lying in lush green grass one night, on the hillside behind my house,
Gazing at my distant, old friend the moon, as winds spicy blooms flounced.

I lay there in the glimmering moonlight, then the beams began to separate,
Falling singly on blooming grass, before one grew enormous at a rapid rate!

As I watched with wide, wondering eyes, it soon became a milky spaceship,
And a door appeared which opened, and I had waited all my life to enter it!

Inside everything was white, from the walls, to furnishings, to cream ceiling,
Soon the big door whooshed shut, no more of the beloved planet revealing.

I had no time for fear, as we were moving, as fast as the full speed of light,
And my wildest dreams came true, just because it had chanced to be night!

I saw the cratered moon approaching fast, through myriad frosty windows,
Like the trees, grass and blooms undulating, whenever a brisk wind blows.

Then the door opened, and I exited, into nacre, silvery, sunshine-moonlight,
Under a jet black sky. And I was as alone there, as upon the ship that night!

What a strange reversal it was, to be on the moon, gazing at the blue earth,
On an evening like many others, distant miles from the planet of my birth!

The pearly moon was vast and vacant, just as I'd always imagined it to be,
So, I ran about whooping and laughing, like one with a rags to riches story.

At the height of this glad frenzy, moonbeams once more started to scatter,
And plunge again, in the guise of a spaceship, to earth, faster and faster!

The moon had long been a part of me, and I'd become a part of the moon,
Rising up on its glittering pearls, and falling back, to a summer night tune!
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