Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Missing in Action

I was once an idealistic young soldier, who was very new to the occupation,
Trying to preserve freedom, and way of life, like the golden sun, at creation.

Yet, the times were very troubled, because an unhappy country was at war,
As sable, evening shadows deepen, although moonlight spills upon the floor.

I'd recently gotten the news, that our regiment would be deployed overseas,
As a hunger in old-fashioned beehives, prompts deployment of bumblebees.

My family said reluctant, fond goodbyes, and some of them shed quiet tears,
Like sudden rains drenching a desert, when they've not been seen for years.

I'd miss my house of silent silhouettes, where leafed trees stood like sentries,
Casting fluttering shadows on hued walls, where only peace gained an entry.

The next day, I was on a rapid flight, bound for a, storied land, so far away;
Like the blue and white of sea and sky, as wild seagulls spiral, around a bay.

The stern reality of war was a sudden shock, and yet I resolved to be strong,
Like red snapdragons of sweltering gardens, breathing fire all the days long.

The implacable enemies were nearing, and we were in the lush countryside,
And in wooded areas, we could not see the sun, as if its gold wished to hide.

Suddenly, the enemy made a charge, and there was confusion and fighting,
But we stood our ground and did our best, as orange sun went on shining!

Then somehow, an enemy soldier lost her gun, in our fierce close up battle,
And when she fled, I pursued through trees, 'til far from battle we traveled.

Nearing the enemy, I tripped and fell, on the unfamiliar and rugged terrain,
And ended up at the bottom of a ravine, with a broken leg and lots of pain!

Hearing my cries, the soldier peered down at me, and seemed to hesitate,
As the varying sun seems to hesitate, at the hued hour the day grows late.

After many long moments of indecision, she began to make her way down,
Then she tightly wrapped my leg and began talking, as I sat on the ground.

After binding my leg in strips of clothing, Lydia lent her shoulder to lean on,
Faithful friends for life, from that moment, as darkness when sun has gone!

And we parted just before rejoining the battle, as I leaned upon a big stick.
I was immediately gotten to the medic's tent, then that battle ended quick.

I was very glad of that fact, because, by then, I hadn't any craving for war,
And that war ended before I'd recovered, when I was not a soldier anymore.

If two ordinary people can make peace, why can't two nations do the same,
When recalling their common humanity, as flowers recall the summer rain?
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