Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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La Vie en Rose

People say my personality is perky, many seem to find me intriguing;
And I greatly enjoy being popular, as I don't find society fatiguing.

Having traveled to myriad places, I have seen many beautiful sights,
Such as very colorful sunsets, midst the capricious Northern lights!

When I am not out socializing, I enjoy reading all kinds of books,
As the bird of the countless colors, revels in the admiring looks.

I love my job as a secretary, and my boss and my coworkers as well,
As children love going round and round, on the gay circus carousel!

These things are meant to say, that I appreciate and enjoy my life,
As bees enjoy a wild variety of blooms, in days when birds are rife.

For I take joy in the little things, like stargazing on some nights,
Or catching a beautiful sunrise, or a pine forest's scented delights!

Many say I'm unrealistic, and see life through rose colored glasses,
But I say it's joy to be buoyant, even when blue lightning flashes.

One night before falling asleep, I lay captivated by mysterious moon,
Enjoying peacefulness while I could, as morning would be coming soon.

And whilst I was yet unaware of it, I suddenly slipped into dreams,
Mysteriously leaving in my wake, a smattering of dancing moonbeams!

After my long night of pleasant fantasies, I awoke to the pink dawn,
But I soon saw that all was now pink, a color the world had put on!

Gazing in shock out of the window, my eyes verified the truth of it-
The old familiarity was gone, and in its place this lovely planet.

A pink sun beamed in the sky above, a sky thenceforth not royal blue,
And puffy clouds floated very slowly, and were a lighter pink, too.

Now my home and all my possessions, were in varying shades of pink,
Also myself and my clothing, my hair somewhat darker like my mink.

It reminded me of black and white movies, myriad shades of one hue,
On the morning when all reality faded, and the old became the new!

I was more than a little curious, and eager to get a look outdoors,
So I ate a hasty strange looking meal, whose flavor caused no uproar.

Here flavors were unchanged, tastes and textures remained the same;
And would in the pink tomorrows, soon to set eager hearts aflame!

Opening the door to bright sunshine, I was jolted by all the change,
Like the moonlit dreams you're wandering, when things go quite strange!

I never knew how many shades, there could be of only a single color,
As it's difficult to count the myriad hues, in a rainbow multicolor.

My garden looked vaguely familiar, and was rife with familiar blooms;
But each was a different shade of pink, and exuding familiar perfumes!

There was no more emerald grass, and only pink sidewalks and trees.
I saw several former bluebirds, and a hive with amaranth honeybees.

In times of greatest confusion, it often helps to see friendly faces,
So I made plans to meet for lunch, as birds gather in pretty places.

I drove my pink car to the sunrise cafe, and I was greeted with smiles,
True smiles that were near white, but hid the havoc of new lifestyles.

I was now beyond amazement at colors, of people and places and things,
Coral or rouge or watermelon or magenta, mere living was a blessing!

Cerise hot pink baby pink and flamingo, peach punch rose and bubble gum,
All of these colors were exquisite, like my still pink chrysanthemums.

My friends and I seemed the only ones aware, of our world's big change-
That in last night's hours of moonlight, we had entered fuchsia strange!

Though many years passed since then, the world has never changed back,
But when I gaze at pale pink stars and moonlight, I do not feel a lack.

Optimism holds such value in life, one should live eat and breathe it,
As fandango pink blooms breathe sunshine, while the summer hours flit.

My friends say they understand me better, seeing the world now as I did,
For it is better to look to tomorrow with hope, even when the sun is hid!
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