Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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In the Land of Giants

Early one morning, as fresh springtime was just ending,
I was hiking in the woods, and overhearing the birds sing.

And with a tranquil heart, and lost in a deep green world,
I was reveling in the gaiety, of lovely morning unfurled.

I hummed as I walked, while feeling a fine cool breeze,
That took the sweat from my brow, with the customary ease!

I walked on until the path, had become quite unfamiliar,
And it led to a bright meadow, which gave more to consider.

The grassland was normal, in all but one strange aspect;
That being a stairway to the sky, one would never expect!

Stunned beyond all reason, I gaped at it with dull surprise,
At seeing this staircase reach, past the clouds in the skies.

It was made all of crystal, and was see-through all around,
And sparkled in the sunshine, glinting and heaven bound!

Being of a curious sort, I could never resist exploring,
As the wild caprices of summer, mean autumn's soon calling.

So grasping the crystal bannister, I began the long ascent,
And I gazed out in wonder, for the views were heaven sent!

Looking back on the grassy meadow, at where I first started,
It now seemed so tiny, as if from the earth I had departed.

I found myself climbing up, in stunned awe past the clouds,
No noise at all from where I stood, no birdsong and no crowds.

And at last I reached a landing, at the top of the staircase,
And a queer tunnel of blue walls, that could lead anyplace!

I walked the crystal pathway, until I saw sunlight up ahead,
And I rushed toward the light, to see where the tunnel led.

I stepped out into a world, of massive houses and great trees,
Along with huge flowers and bushes, and gigantic honeybees!

There were vivid giant birds, bellowing their love songs,
In dominance of the sunshiny, blue skies they floated along.

The green grass grew waist deep, as if none ever mowed there,
Waving at distant blue skies, as if in love with golden air!

But suddenly I heard an awful sound, which boomed like thunder.
The ground trembled and shook, like it was being torn asunder.

The sound was coming towards me, with incredible swiftness,
But when I saw the gigantic foot, I knew flight was useless!

Nearing me was a huge lady, who stood one hundred feet tall;
And when she bent down and scooped me up, I felt very small.

She asked me who I was, in a voice that naturally bellowed,
And I seemed to squeak my reply, the sound tiny and mellowed.

The giantess had warm eyes, and a friendly smiling demeanor;
And I'd not have believed her real, if I hadn't just seen her.

Tandy sat on an enormous bench, so that we could have a chat,
While she kept me in her hand, as I was growing used to that.

I relaxed in her soft palm, resting my head against her thumb;
And we talked about our lives, until the evening had come.

She took a cake from her pocket, pinching off a crumb for me,
And with nutty frosting and fruit, the taste was heavenly.

Tandy said that her people, knew nothing of the world below,
But that lest my portal closed again, I had better soon go!

She said we'd first honor tradition, with the farewell dance,
A lucky dance for remembrance, said Tandy clapping her hands.

Then she began to prance and twirl, with much skill and grace,
And I began to copy her steps, certain I would miss this place.

Like the sun unfailingly returns, to a place it recently left,
For missing a certain corner of the sky, it then becomes bereft!

We danced in the twinkling dusk, until we were both quite spent,
Then we rested in the soft grass, amid even's sweet floral scent.

Finally we said our goodbyes, with laughter, kisses and tears,
And returning to the portal, I began walking through the years!

When I was in the meadow again, the golden sun shone on still,
But the stairway suddenly vanished, leaving only a memory thrill.

Our friendship lives on nowadays, in the mind and in the heart,
Like the vivid memory that lingers, of an arresting work of art!

I've had many friends since, but I'm happy whenever memory crowds,
Me with images of the one, with her august head in the clouds!
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