Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Humor Me

I was a solemn person by nature, so my demeanor was always dignified,
Like the somber moon of nighttide, that sees vaguest dreams magnified.

Oh, I enjoyed having a good time, only I showed it in different ways,
As when a blizzard pummels the mountains, and the bold severity stays.

People were constantly inquiring of me, where was my sense of humor?
As folks give dark clouds the look, for gaiety's gone and it's cooler.

When people told me their jokes, I could hardly do anything but stare,
As the sun can do nothing but stare, at the pink butterflies in air!

Though subdued I was quite happy, with a love of books music and art,
As one is happy to let go of summer, seeing autumn's colorful remarks.

I loved my job as school librarian, and the work suited me just fine,
As those who are eager for knowledge, love hearing school bells chime.

For the beguiling pathways of learning, are awfully long and winding,
Like the circuitous pathways of pearly moon, which needs no reminding!

I liked to eat and dress sensibly, and I had a passion for the theater,
As feverish desert blooms have a passion, for lyrical sounds of thunder.

Friends and family thought I should laugh, and smile a good deal more,
Like the smiles that come naturally, whenever sunshine is at the door!

We were in the days of tangerine suns, and redbirds were on the green.
And as my birthday neared, I knew my friends planned something extreme.

Like sun and moon make plans to meet, but only by some accident ever do,
For when gilded sun tries joining the moon, its skies are ever too blue.

One of my friends had an acquaintance, who worked as a real life clown,
Like the reality of dreamy colors, before a cherry bomb sun goes down!

My special day dawned lemony, with a brand new variety of fruitful zest,
Like when the edge of darkness advances, putting brightness to the test!

My family and friends arrived with food and presents, surprise, surprise,
Like when the stars show up twinkling, in the rouge early morning skies.

After eating I opened presents, and we laughed and talked a little while,
Like a spicy walk into summer's garden, where smiles are always in style.

Then the one thing came to pass, that I had been anticipating the least,
For that was when those clowns appeared, and wild hilarity was unleashed!

The friend of my friend was among them, all colorful, bouncy and merry,
With orange hair, purple hair and red noses, and lips bright as berries.

One clown came bouncing up to me, in bright polka dotted foot long shoes,
And began shaping a dachshund from balloons, which made me pretty amused!

Then he presented this beauty to me, which quickly exploded at my touch,
So that by now I was helplessly giggling, and saying thank you very much.

Another clown sat down in a chair, which suddenly collapsed into splinters,
Like the abrupt collapse of natural hospitality, amid icy northern winters.

The clowns appeared to be everywhere, so rollicking and so full of mirth,
And with the guests I laughed out loud, on droll comedy's day of birth!

The pink haired friend of my friend jumped rope, a rope which split in two,
Like a rainbow majestically splits the skies, affording both sides a view.

Lastly a striped clown was juggling, 'til one ball bounced away on its own,
Like the one craving some alone time, not bothering to pick up their phone.

I laughed hard throughout that day, and I did not stop laughing the next,
And laughter comes easy to me now, as a beaming sun upon tomorrow reflects.

Laughter should follow us always, because it expresses our joy of living,
In the same way that my beloved friends, expressed their delight in giving!
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