Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Fun Days With Dick and Jane

With a resourceful and older brother,
My early childhood was so much fun,
Such as being drawn in his red wagon,
And sledding in the late winter sun!

When I was just learning how to read,
I had to choose the only book I could,
And sitting in the sunset, I prettied,
As everything awash in radiance should!

How Dick and Jane laughed in the rain!
Playing with Spot and Sally and Puff;
Bright blossoms found their new domain,
And there could never again be enough!

Homemade kites, marbles, and sunbeams,
And wintry snowmen with button eyes;
The scene was set for lifelong dreams,
Like the endless quest of butterflies!

Such fun I had with my very first book,
In the barely fluent, nursery rhyme days,
Under the pink clouds in my emerald nook,
That fruitfully abounded in golden rays!
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