Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Freak Accident Prone

I was a diligent safety engineer, modifying the hazardous work practices,
Like the thrilling festive celebrations, when you open up pretty packages!

I took my work very seriously, and my motto had long been safety first,
Like waiting all the livelong day, for gone currant sun's huge color burst.

My word was always trusted, for people valued my professional opinion,
As pearlescent moon values jet darkness, when gazing on her dominion.

I made sure workers abided by safety rules, and it gave me satisfaction,
As multicolored blooms, along Park Avenue, create a pleasant abstraction.

I had even designed special safety devices, that provided more security,
As red berries taste all the better, once they have reached their maturity.

The azure days had come and all was well, like plucking daisies on a hill,
When days and nights drag into forever, to the sound of mockingbird trill.

One noon I was having lunch, and spicy blooms peeked in at the window,
And I went to the vending machine, for a soda I would drink with gusto.

Like gold midnight stars, hanging in limbo, taking their break in eternity,
But now and then sparkling and twinkling, at this hour, and you and me.

Suddenly there was an earth tremor, and the half ton machine was falling,
With screams and shouts nearby, like the erratic loons at twilight, calling.

I was able to get out of way quickly, so I received merely a glancing blow.
Still, it was as painful as the dickens, in warm bronzed afternoon, all aglow.

Shaken but lucky, I was given the day off, after which I felt much better,
Like a time you thought it was over, until you received a heartfelt letter!

My confidence diminished, though, for accidents disturbed my self-image,
As rainbow colors do not seem to fit, grey skies suddenly turned orange.

But quickly I was back in shape, and the unpleasant memory was fading,
As a gardener strives with diligence, to keep brazen weeds from invading.

Then one starlit summer night, I was on my front porch with my friends,
Like old days, you thought would last forever, before you saw them end.

Pearly moon was in the treetops, and melodious nightingale on the bush,
And the innumerable, mysterious fireflies, gave one final, glittering push.

Then suddenly there was a crashing boom, and the entire house vibrated,
As we were thrown to the floor, like colorful southern birds that migrated!

And I saw a huge crater in the ground, where jade grass had been before,
My garden was stricken by red meteorite fever, like a fairy tale from lore!

It had missed us by mere feet, and we were shaken, dazzled and amazed,
And a crowd was quickly gathering, near the sunken garden, newly razed!

I sold the meteorite to a museum, and soon had the hole in the yard filled,
But about sweet safety, I had new worries, as we could have all been killed!

My confidence hit an all time low, like sunlit rainbows touching the ground,
Or sparkling waters rushing down cool falls, to thrust on, outwards bound.

I had a few more freak accidents, including lightning striking a nearby tree,
A reminder that in nature's golden green realm, there is not one guarantee.

I went about my job as usual, but inside I quaked with unaccustomed fear,
Never sure of the calamity about to happen, or if pending danger was near!

But then gradually it dawned upon me, that I had been abundantly blessed,
And blessings must be awarded faith, not fear, as nature bides undistressed.

Unshakeable faith has made me better at my job, and keeps people safer,
For we should always be looking out, for family, friends and our neighbor!
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