Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Desert Rose

I was driving to Utah, because I had gotten a promotion;
And chose the scenic route, so as to put things in motion.

I had been traveling from Los Angeles, to Salt Lake City;
And the scenery along the way, had been remarkably pretty.

I had packed food and drink, for the long stretch of desert;
And my almost new car, took the miles with little effort.

Like the golden butterflies, which are destined to roam,
And anyplace there is nectar, is the place they call home!

I viewed mountains and canyons and lovely rock formations,
And cotton candy indigo skies, far above their stations.

I saw yucca and cacti, succulents, trees and wildflowers.
The magnificent views helped while away, many happy hours.

After a gorgeous sunset, the stars and pale moon appeared,
As always happens, when sunlit afternoons have disappeared!

But, the distraction must've caused me to hit the ditch,
So my car went off the road, and all went black as pitch.

Like when the full moon disappears, into the sable night,
Or the stars that were busy twinkling, wink out of sight!

My daze lifted while I was walking, with a lump on my head.
It was dawn again and I was thirsty, and filled with dread.

The whereabouts of my automobile, was then a complete mystery,
I was miles from nowhere, with no memory of recent history!

I stopped and braided my hair, to help me battle the heat;
For it was wiser to set out walking, than go down in defeat.

I was used to outdoors forays, so I knew about desert plants;
And when I chanced to find prickly pear, I could have danced!

I sat right down under a bush, and had an enjoyable feast;
And stuffed my pockets full of fruit, glad hunger was eased.

Like nature always trying to provide, more than is needed,
In hopes that her children's hunger, does not go unheeded.

I walked all that long day, in the hope of reaching a town,
But, I still hadn't found one, as the red sun was going down!

So, in the soft sand, I dug myself a small and snug cave;
And laid down inside of it, as sleep came on like a wave.

Then awakened with golden dawn, and began walking once again;
And I hoped my steps thus far, had not been taken in vain.

I walked for many hours, and by now, I had run out of fruit,
Very hot and thirsty, I thought I heard sounds of a flute.

I began to stagger, and see many things that were not real,
As chaotic as carnival views, from a whirling ferris wheel!

And when I encountered the oasis, I did not believe my eyes.
How could I stumble on such luck, under cruel desert skies?

But, on seeing the cool and bracing lake, I so didn't care.
I'd even drink imaginary water, on the shores of anywhere!

I absolutely drank my fill, washed, and slept under a tree,
Thinking it safer to just stay there, until someone found me.

Like the august mountains, forever search for skies of blue,
And shadows are always searching, for a sun they never knew.

Waking from an exhausted sleep, I explored my surroundings,
And after what I'd been through, it was really fit for kings!

That day I was thrilled at finding, a grove of date trees,
And so I feasted then and there, in the warm gentle breeze.

I also found fig trees, after I had searched for a bit longer,
Because the food and drink, had made me a good deal stronger.

The oasis was beautiful, and its water and food to my liking,
But there was one other thing, that was also quite striking.

On the other side of the oasis, among tall cacti of green,
Was the prettiest purple rose bush, that I have ever seen!

The star of my lovely haven, was this enchanting beauty rose,
Reminding me of some magic spell, from which splendour arose.

It gave me a sense of calm and peace, and it seemed a good sign,
For somehow in the midst of despair, I was granted a lifeline!

Still drowsing in the shade of afternoon, I heard a car's engine,
Shocked beyond all wildest dreams, I thought it had been imagined.

The sound grew ever louder, until a Land Cruiser came into view,
And a man stepped out and said, "Am I surprised to see you!"

I told him my story, which he said he'd read about in the papers,
And no one knew where I'd gone to, not even next door neighbors.

My car had been found fifty miles away, and a search was begun,
And they'd been looking every day, as I wandered in the hot sun.

I learned the man was a farmer, and the oasis a part of his lands;
And he was out to check on fruit trees, in these lush desert sands.

As nature marks its time by the sun, all through the golden days,
And the master clock keeps ticking, while she feels the warm rays!

I got my job in Salt Lake City, and I'm happy and in good health;
And my experience has also given me, a valuable inner wealth.

I've learned to look on the bright side, with a faith in the unseen,
For just when you're about to give up, relief can come like a dream!

And while years may have passed, the image stays fresh in my mind,
Of a perfect rose in the midst the desert, purple and so refined!
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