Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Color Confusion

I was a knowledgeable color expert, with a degree in enthralling color theory,
And was proficient with color related software, like evening sun grown weary.

With cognizance of color psychology, and emotional effects of different hues,
I created and adapted various color palettes, like jade grasses' floral tattoos.

I worked on many interesting projects, for I'd ever been charmed by colors,
Like discovering between striped rainbow hues, that there are untold others!

Friends followed a path of famous flowers, the fast aging, fragrant beauties;
And the path ended at my dreaming door, for friends are precious as rubies!

Family oft flitted in on fateful Fridays, in final, fab hours of the fruitful week,
During the sun saturated days of summer, midst a red, wildflower stampede.

I lived in the house of fleeting rainbows, often viewed from my rooftop deck,
As mountain views along a country drive, often have you craning your neck.

Sunrise sauntered across the surging sea, to sneak in windows on my street,
Awaking redbirds for a dawn singalong, as many others sambaed to its beat.

Noon neighbors narrowed the distance, for visits in tangerine, nostalgic sun,
As shooting stars narrow the distance, tired of waiting for a thing to happen.

Summer had come moseying down lotus lane, in its slow, unhurried fashion,
Like the slow, unhurried ripening of a peach, in the days of golden attraction.

Warm, undying wind whispered in each ear, on misty plum evenings, starless,
When slow-moving fireflies roamed fatal dusk, by the bleeding hearts, scarlet.

Time stopped for me one eager Monday, when the sun arose the wrong color,
Which filled my heart with trepidation, because as to suns, I hadn't any other!

Yet, there it was, jade green and sparkling, like variable, midnight stars afar,
And emitting a pretty, warm green light, like the odd door to magic, left ajar.

I called my sister, who lived nearby, to watch that unique sun rising with me;
And we agreed the effect was so pretty, but had night done something shady?

By noon the sun was burgundy colored, with touches of marmalade trimming,
Like yellow goslings of a pleasant evening, on maroon sunset seas, swimming.

Speaking of which, sunset that eve was stunning, in brown, with red and gold;
But the predominant color was mocha brown, like an autumn leaf, grown old.

No one else saw the sights that we did, recalled in knowing looks and smiles,
Which soon brought us much closer, as we travel together life's vibrant miles!
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