Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Captivated by the Music

I loved my job as a librarian, and today I was walking to work,
In the warmth of a summer morning, when golden butterflies lurk.

I had some extra time, and it happens I took the scenic route,
Through the neighborhood park, in a bloom and greenery pursuit.

It was early in the morning, and the familiar sun shone peachy,
And I was enjoying my life, for in the beautiful days it is easy.

I saw colorful dragonflies, as I passed ducks in the dark lagoon,
With their bold helicopter wings, like they could go to the moon!

As I wove along the blooming path, of vivid forest green trees,
My pleasant pathway was intersected, by several hopping bunnies.

The sun poured golden radiance, a gift to all those of the earth,
And the earth stood still, not forsaking the region of its birth.

I emerged from the park buoyant, and so glad I had gone that way,
Like the mournful trees of winter, searching for a brighter day!

As I strolled the familiar street, I heard a divine piquant sound,
As if Sarah Vaughan were singing the blues, with no crowd around!

The sound came from a record shop, that I'd never known was there,
As if it had abruptly appeared, from the dazzling amber midair.

The sound drew me inside the shop, and it was impossible to resist,
For when the senses encounter beauty, it probably shouldn't missed.

So into the open door I drifted, searching for that favorite song,
If I could do it and hurry to work, then it would not be wrong.

But the moment that I entered in, I lost all my power of movement,
Like a torrential late summer rain, that is quite gone in a moment!

An odd little man sat behind a counter, peering over his glasses,
And he said if I named every tune, I might leave for other places.

I said the idea was preposterous, when my job was waiting for me!
And while I fumed and I ranted, he just sat there calm as could be.

Until I finally saw no other choice, but to reluctantly acquiesce,
And perhaps by music's enchantment, I could regain freedom's access!

The first song the man played, brought me recollections of a lifetime,
And with no hesitation at all, I told him it was called, Summertime.

I felt my situation was improving, and perhaps I'd soon be leaving,
This vast hall of golden memories, and not leave my family grieving!

The next music I heard, conjured mental images of learning to dance,
So knowing Chubby Checker's The Twist, was certainly not happenstance!

Another beautiful piece was played, but it was one I'd never heard,
If only I were as sure of the music rendered, as a tuneful redbird!

But that's just the way it goes, for you certainly can't win them all,
Like the frenzied frantic Cinderella, running lately from the ball!

Then a melody tugged at my heart strings, and put Georgia on My Mind,
Like the golden rays of a summer noon, when the shadows are defined.

As the rhapsodic strains continued, I thought, What a Wonderful World,
Like gazing at evening sunset skies, where the candy colors are swirled!

The little man now seemed agitated, for I was beating him at his game,
But then a haunting melody filled the air, for which I hadn't a name.

This situation was becoming concerning, and I was starting to sweat,
If I'd only been heedful in younger days, I might have bested him yet.

Whilst the music was so beautiful, I would not be lost to it forever,
Though music lovers belong to music, I'd not be its latest treasure!

Ten great songs would be played, and I needed to guess better than half,
And I was more than determined, not to witness his triumphant laugh.

Suddenly swept away by the next tune, down to Strawberry Fields Forever,
The music was drawing me a long distance, as if reality it would sever.

I was taken back to some years ago, when another golden oldie played,
For I remembered continuous dancing, in the halls where music was made!

The song was called Thriller, and it seemed I had guessed another one,
Like the rosebud senses pure radiance, underneath a golden ageless sun.

While the ensuing song played, I was only able to stare ahead blankly,
I had never heard it in my life, and was disappointed, quite frankly.

But I was happy to be still in the lead, and I was enjoying this game,
Strange to say but very true, for to the heart every melody has a name.

To my delight I knew the closing song, and that I'd won became apparent,
I Will Always Love You, was sung passionately like the words were meant!

The little man flew into a fit of rage, stamping the ground and shouting,
And since my limbs worked once more, I made off while he was yet pouting.

When sweet music plays time stands still, so I wasn't late to work at all,
And the proprietor reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin, the sun before a squall.

That strange and beautiful day, I often find that in memory is haunting,
Especially when I am dancing with wild abandon, and the music is flaunting!
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