Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Bully for You

I dwelt on a forest green, productive farm, in fruitfulness of golden autumn,
Where ragged scarecrows waved gladly, beneath turquoise skies, and plum.

Ours was the latest generation of farmers, like hued skies of late afternoon,
In their daily, nostalgic foreboding, that says the moon will be coming soon.

We put our all into daily toiling, like when the moon whispers to milky stars,
And as the word 'energy' is murmured, in the bright regions of the quasars.

The sun, wind and weather were our friends, so fresh and novel and smiling,
Like the blooms that return year after year, with vibrant colors, so beguiling.

I lived in the house of endless, big skies, and the walls were tinged in blue,
Like blue jays, eating succulent blueberries, as that is the sweet thing to do.

We worked well together as a happy family, like a community of active bees,
For long days, in honeyed sunshine, before bedtime brought us to our knees.

Summer had come on very sudden, with its beauty and its oppressive heat,
Like the sudden beauty of a shooting star, when it is beating a hasty retreat!

Prettiest birds were flying all about, to apple green, treehouses everywhere,
Leaving behind memories of beauty, and traces of melodious song, in the air.

One day, on my way to the orchard, I was abruptly accosted by a young bull,
And flight quickly entered my mind, like cancellations, when a schedule's full!

The little bull snorted and charged, and I was over the wood fence in a flash,
As the darkening sun leaves every evening, after making its beautiful splash.

Thus began my trials with the bully, and of ofttimes being nervous and wary,
It got so I was afraid to go within the fenced area, as being gored was scary!

I was the only one with this issue, because that sullen bull disliked only me,
Charging furiously whenever he saw me, like frothy waves, crazy for the sea.

But, one day I told myself, 'Get ahold of yourself! This has got out of hand,
I can't be ever looking over my shoulder, constantly afraid on my own land.'

A close neighbor had expressed keen interest, in acquiring that spotted bull,
As an onyx darkness expresses rich beauty, when the alabaster moon is full.

I decided to take control of my merry life, meaning, no more would I cower,
Like a dream of scented sunshine evoked, when gazing at a vase of flowers.

But wait! The bull completely lost interest in me, as suddenly as it'd started,
And his interest switched to a patch of sweet clover, 'ere a day was martyred.

It has been years, and the brazen bull, has never once looked my way again,
But I am glad that I faced my fear, fear that would have been totally in vain!
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