Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Bright Eyes

I so adored late hours. I was what you would call a night owl,
As fireflies seldom appear, until creamy moon is on the prowl.

I loved the quiet and peacefulness, and staring at a big moon,
Just as the onset of summer, is staring down the end of June!

Some people can get by on less sleep, and I was one of those,
As eager feet are constantly going by, the paths of primrose.

My nightly pursuits were many-music, reading, TV or going out,
Just as the ancient stargazers, wondered what they were about!

Sometimes I'd walk in moonlight, or maybe stroll to the beach,
Like a silvery dance of darkness, when moon's within its reach.

The somber beauty of nighttime, not once seemed to escape me,
As beauty follows the butterflies, passing from bloom to tree!

Sometimes I even painted, capturing stars or the limpid moon,
Above the whispering treetops, on a spellbound night of June.

I got calls from restless friends, at all wee hours of the night,
Who knew I was often awake, as all who love darkness delights.

All went on this way, until the night I could not sleep at all,
Like our poor Humpty Dumpty, always destined for the great fall!

For hardly ever sleeping enough, cannot result in good things,
As a lack of industry never brings, pearls, diamonds and rings.

My insomnia grew steadily worse, until it wasn't fun anymore,
As with familiarity we oft grow tired, of what we once adored!

What caused my sudden insomnia, I have never been able to say,
For it has remained as mysterious, as moonlight upon the bay.

Perhaps my body was asserting its needs, so very long ignored,
Like wildflowers during a drought, never giving a vivid reward!

I was able to sleep some by day, but it never at all sufficed,
Like a safe suddenly emptied, with only ignorance of the heist.

Being unused to daytime slumber, now I could not sleep at night,
In those critical wee hours, before the onset of the pink daylight!

It seemed pleasure had undone me, and trapped me between worlds,
Of jeweled sparkling sunshine, and the luscious moonlight pearls.

I became slow and lethargic, 'til I was but a shadow of myself,
And I lost interest in my pursuits, for it's true that time tells!

Life went on in the same way, until that hour time disappeared,
For it was in the sunny noon, I blacked out and slept two years!

Here one moment and gone the next, I slept but I did not dream,
Like a vividness revenge of rainbows, on a gray sky color scheme!

My exhaustion had been cumulative, and I was going nowhere soon,
For rousing me from such satisfying sleep, none dared to presume.

And the doctors strictly forbade it, saying that I needed the rest,
Just as orange dahlias need sunbeams, to bloom their glowing best.

So I slumbered my life away, missing both my days and my nights,
As a solar eclipse veils everything, when moon is in sun's sight!

Then on one restless and balmy day, I gradually began to rouse,
Stirred by sunshine gold on my face, and a nurse was in my house.

When I discovered how long I'd slept, I was stunned and amazed,
Like a passing storm turns to find, cobalt skies suddenly glazed!

I love the nighttime still, for such a passion cannot be denied;
But I value daytime equally, like hummingbirds in a beauty glide.

In order to maintain good health, life must have a certain balance,
Like a wide eyed owl, sleeping all day, on sunlit wings of chance!
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