Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Bouncy Balls

Bounce up, sun,
Golden hour's begun;
Bouncy, bouncy hot!
Bounce up, boy,
In childish joy.
Bounce your blue ball,
Against the green wall.
Bouncy, bouncy boy!
Bounce up, girl,
Teeth like a pearl,
Bounce red balloon,
Within the month of June;
Bouncy, bouncy balls!
Fun circus clown,
Juggles 'til sundown.
Happy, bouncy clown!
Bounce up, blue moon,
Night plays your tune;
Bouncy, blue moon!
Bounce up, Mars,
Among so many stars,
Bouncy, bouncy balls!
Bounce, Milky Way,
Through space so gay,
Huge, bouncy ball!
Bounce, galactic cluster,
In beauty and luster,
Bouncy, bouncy balls!
Bounce up, black hole,
A diamond in your soul;
Bouncy, black hole!
Bounce up, nebula,
In your spectral aura-
Exotic, bouncy nebula!
Bounce up, multiverse,
Of countless universe-
Bouncy, bouncy balls!
Pretty balls!
Vivid balls!
Golden balls!
Red balls!
White balls!
Blue balls!
Black balls!
Delightful bouncy balls!
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