Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

At the Other Side of Light

Out on the the highway I was, in those apricot days of August.
I was returning from a vacation, and the birdsong was raucous.

My car had made the long journey, without any issues at all,
Like sun loving blooms have no issue, as night begins to fall!

In early afternoon I was nearly home, and ready for calm rest,
As the sun creeps off in darkness, vividly toward sunset west.

This was a happy time in my life, gay days were so satisfying.
Time had marched me down the years, to hours most gratifying!

The wild wind was in my hair, and jeweled hummingbirds hummed,
Just as they did long ages ago, when summer's music thrummed.

Finally I exited the highway, nearer to my sweet destination,
But then the car suddenly, began to experience odd vibrations!

The gear shift appeared stuck, and I could only go in reverse,
Yet I was very near to home, so in that direction I traversed.

All was well until I hit a bump, and accidentally accelerated;
And slamming into a tree I was knocked out, as destiny waited.

When I came to with aching head, the world was clearly changed.
Objects and their shadows had shifted places-totally rearranged!

Trees and blooms as dark silhouettes, threw hues upon the ground;
And skies above were palest gray, with cotton clouds to be found.

The sun itself was brightly white, but sparkling endless colors,
Yet nature sounds were the same, I did not wish for any others.

Overcome by hunger and fatigue, the quick path to home I took.
As silhouettes nodded hello, on the ground, I gave them a look.

What was this strange new world, of the diamond sun glittering;
And of the many odd blackbirds, through gray skies flittering?

My old world was on the sides of things, and also on the ground.
I'd crashed into the taboo shadowlands, when barriers were down!

I was very happy to reach my home, whatever form it had assumed,
So, I entered its odd darkness, and made a tasty meal I consumed.

The lighting was functional, but it resembled the gray daylight.
There were shadows upon walls and floor, vividly issued so right!

The gray sunset sky colored, as the sun set with extra sparkling,
Which made a gorgeous display, before the much deeper darkling!

As fatigue called me to dreams, I retired to darkness in my room,
And ere sleeping I gazed at the night, basking in garden perfume.

The evening looked much like any other, as all shadows blend well,
For only the rumors of color, could a glinting pearly moon tell!

In my sweet dreams I was invincible, in enchanted faraway places,
And dark blooms smiled at the ground, showing their perky faces.

I awoke next morning with a start, finding I was still in my car.
Because I had a big lump on my head, it seemed I hadn't gone far!

The long journey to the shadows, had been wholly inside my head;
And the reality of it had been lost, the last time I went to bed.

At times I revisit that strange lovely world, in wistful memories,
In the dark stillness of midnight, as birds sing to magnolia trees!
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