Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Antiques and Memories

Within halls that all but speak,
Sit elegant objects, very antique;
Treasured and valued bits of past,
Which care and devotion made last.

A museum crowded with sweet memory,
Like of dead, red robin's late beauty!
The glossy mirror gracing the wall,
At ruddy sunset, reflects them all.

A china doll; a royal wedding gown,
The king's rubied coronation crown.
The past is revived in so many ways,
And lingers through the golden days!

The austere portrait upon the wall,
Is frozen in eternity as time crawls,
As when someone seems lost in a dream,
When the night is awash in moonbeams!

There's Louis XIV and some Chippendale,
Period furnishings of beauteous detail.
The colorful past was created to last-
To make with pop culture a peachy contrast!
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