Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

A Stairway Through the Trees

At a huge beautiful park, I took a vivid scenic route,
On a stairway through hills, in lush nature's pursuit.
The tree lined path gleamed, in the early morning sun,
And pink clouds were fading, since day was now begun.

The warm yesterday breeze, came to visit me again,
Bearing scents of silent blooms, from beauty's domain.
The path was long and winding, so I took my sweet time,
Sure if it took me all day, I'd get there by nighttime!

The squirrels were frisky, and darting through the green,
Like the active summer nights, when all crickets scream.
The flying bluejays sang, up in the deep blue skies,
Like the ever cheerful search, for a natural surprise!
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