Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Model for Our Times

As the sun shone in southern skies, I was finally on my vacation,
And I turned the pages of a magazine, with new fashion creations.

I lounged beside the resort pool, in a straw hat and sunglasses,
Sipping an exotic cold drink, as clouds drifted by in puffy masses.

The fronds of the tall palm trees, waved gently in the warm breeze,
And looking at the divine fashions, I had the strangest fantasies!

I wished I were one of the flawless models, upon those glitzy pages,
Like the scorching desert wishes for rain, as it has done for ages!

But though my features were nice enough, I would never be a model,
Even so, I dreamed of the high fashion world, not likely ever dull.

In the laziness of the summertime, in the leisure of life's off days,
My stirred mind took to wandering, down the lanes of dream highways!

What if I were a model? What would it be like? Would I even succeed?
Just how high is fashion? How would people see me? What would I need?

In the drowsy noonday sunshine, such fantasies followed me to sleep,
As where the moon is each nightfall, it is true the stars also creep!

By some amazing feat of fancy, I found myself on a futuristic runway,
In a sleek world of the far distant future, of the sun's golden ray.

Earth was in the autumn of its years, it was apparent in the styles,
There were endless shades of colors, and models wore flawless smiles.

The fashions were to die for, mine was a floral silken summer dress,
That captured the light and glittered, the airy fabric cool and fresh;

My colors were gold, dusty rose and yellow, and my hat brim was huge,
It was turned smartly upwards on one side, from the sun giving refuge.

The runway was automatic, with circular sections that slowly turned,
Each model stood on a circle, showing the exquisiteness time had earned!

We were in a vast room of admirers, and all bathed in colored lights,
The decor was elegant beyond describing, like aurora borealis nights!

As the long runway turned, it took me back in the direction I had come,
And seeing so many lovely women, of diverse sizes and ages, was awesome!

They carried themselves with graceful charm, like a night of full moon,
And the beauteous exotic creations, surpassed a butterfly afternoon.

To what year had magic somehow taken me, where everyone was beautiful,
And progress wasn't measured only in assets, but in dignity of people?

I saw stylish hats of myriad colors, feathered, floral, and beaded,
Beribboned, sequined, pearled, veiled, accessorizing attire as needed.

And the dresses were pure perfection, while the gowns were dreamlike,
All silk and satin lace and gauze, like rainbow hues with no two alike!

After the stunning fashion show, we returned to the ultramodern hotel,
And I learned the year was 6045, and these days humanity got along well.

Not only did they get along, but they loved one another as one family,
Therefore there were no more races, and the borders were old history.

As I stood at the wall of windows, gazing at the beautiful sleek skyline,
My heart was filled with joy, to realize an old, hopeless dream of mine.

For this moment I lived in a world, where all life was deemed beautiful,
Its perfection stemming from hearts of love, and the kindness miracle!

Like the kindness of the cool rains, descending after a ruinous drought,
Or the glimmer of the silver moonlight, during each evening's blackout.

The furniture in my suite was amazing, adjustable or reclining at whim,
And yes, I was truly happy, to distance myself from the past quite grim!

Becoming a famous supermodel, I also found friendship in so many persons,
And poverty was unknown here, as they'd long ago learned sharing lessons.

People worked together as one, for the advancement of all of humankind,
Like a melody that's long been cherished, playing in the back of the mind.

As I now gaze into my mirror, I see baffling changes to my fresh makeup,
It is increasingly obvious I'm still dreaming, but I hope I never wake up!
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