Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Good Outlook

I was once something of a pessimist, and that fact did not concern me,
As violet birds are content, to spend their nights in different trees.

Still I had a happy and quiet existence, or at least I thought I did,
Like a moon glimmering all her tranquil life, when reddish sun is hid!

My attitude didn't come from bitterness, I just had an analytical mind;
And like bees searching for nectar, needed all the proof I could find.

But I totally missed the fact, that looking to tomorrow requires faith,
While we are yet in the vivid thrall, of this evenings sunset displays.

Those who knew me didn't mind much, knowing it was a personality quirk,
As rather than delve night's mystery, we just allow that mystery lurks!

I worked in a clinic as an ophthalmologist, and it was quite satisfying,
Like a rainbow vanishes magically, leaving golden memories, no denying.

Sometimes I prescribed glasses for patients, and often contact lenses,
As often we must take decisive action, to shore up the body's defenses.

Like the plants that take drastic measures, by wearing clever disguise,
So to improve their myriad chances, or to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

My beloved practice was prospering, so I had recently bought a new home,
As cool aquamarine waves gain strength, to thenceforth crash into foam!

We were in those languid days of summer, and pink robin was in the tree,
And crickets lulled the somnolent to dreamland, under the moon silvery.

At last the slated moving day came, and I was in the home of my dreams,
A house the color of sunshine, with a picket fence bordering the green.

I had a pleasant time unpacking, but I didn't think I'd finish too soon,
That habitual pessimism was ensuing, like creeping shadows of afternoon.

I did admire the home's many windows, affording the most pleasant views,
As sunset announced the dinner hour, with its roseate radiance suffused.

Though still somewhat discouraged, with all of the work that lay ahead,
To the tuneful night birds singing, I finally had dinner and went to bed.

I awoke refreshed the next morning, from a peaceful and dreamless sleep,
The kind of sleep that is achieved, when deep quiet is out on the street.

After breakfast I opened the draperies, to again relish pleasurable views,
But I immediately fell back in shock, at the death of yesterday's truths!

Now from my living room window, I saw that room, with a new version of me;
With everything rendered wrongly, as all was unpacked in the future to be!

I remembered then last night's pessimism, and knew I'd been proven wrong;
And I adjusted my ideas accordingly, like a redbird learning a new song.

But considering old habits die hard, pessimism is not cured in one hour,
For even the sun must be risen awhile, before we can feel his true power!

One look at my flowerless garden, and I soon grew discouraged once more,
Where would I find time to do all the plantings, enhancing outdoor decor?

But since I now knew I could do it, I tackled the living room's unpacking,
Like a lightning flash informs the thunder, that he'd better get cracking!

To my shock I was done by evening, the room appearing as it had that morn,
At the blush sunrise of my new life, in which all my dreams had been born.

Before going to bed later that night, I visited my friend glimmering moon;
But in her pearly light I perceived, a different scene than I had at noon!

My garden was blooming and fragrant, with blossoms I had yet to purchase,
In the way that one can somehow surmise, a coming sunset will be gorgeous.

And so it went on in this way, until all of my pessimistic truths were lies,
Like the honeyed dawn of that morning, when you discover faith's surprise!
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