Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Friend in Need

As owner of a business chain, I was in need of an assistant,
One with a very good memory, who was pleasant and consistent.

I knew there were many people, who possessed those qualities,
But I'd always wanted a robot, for I was intrigued by these.

So I decided to obtain one, just as soon as it was possible,
Like seasons arrive in vividness, as soon as it is plausible!

Lately details inundated me, and I was getting quite behind,
Like the final blooms of summer, tend to linger in the mind.

So I went to the robot showroom, in the golden heat of July,
Optimistic as the scarlet birds, singing romance in the sky!

I saw many robots I liked, but one stood out from the others.
She seemed to peer in my eyes, like the moon as sunset occurs.

That she was intelligent, is a thought which occurred to me,
Like the smart blooms of summer, playing a natural rhapsody.

I soon learned her name was Ava, and I took her home with me,
To be my trusted, capable assistant, and I liked her already.

Ava took notes and calls for me-together we went everywhere,
As shadows follow the sunlight, to see if it's really there.

Her memory was flawless, and I never missed any appointments,
And it removed some of the sting, from prior disappointments.

She could use a computer, she could draw and she could write,
As memory writes the names of heroes, in history's spotlight!

But something else then happened, that I quite did not expect,
Thoughtful Ava had become my friend, a wonderful side effect!

Business was also doing well, and our sales were much improved,
Like an increasing prospect of storm, that is suddenly removed.

My other friends adored Ava, she was open, friendly and fun,
And we had nights out together, when lemon sun was on the run!

Those days I seemed to smile more, those days I laughed a lot,
Like gold sunshine on my window sill, and primroses in a pot.

Alas in a world of troubles, perfection is difficult to keep,
As when petals of certain blooms, at night close up to sleep.

It was in the warm heart of June, once upon a fateful Tuesday;
And Ava and I were walking to work, enjoying sunshine's heyday!

We were walking next to a highrise, as Ava pointed out a bird,
As I turned around to look, it was the last thing that I heard.

For unconsciousness had taken me, and when I finally awakened,
I learned that an air conditioner, had fallen to the pavement.

And I would not have been here, to greet another cerulean day,
But for the undeniable fact, that Ava pushed me out of the way!

Ava was not so fortunate, as she got a calamitous head injury,
Leaving me strangely bereft, like when rainbows vanish suddenly!

Pretty soon I came to realize, that my heart had truly broken,
I missed her kindness and her smile, her every friendship token.

I carry the scar of my injury, along with the one on my heart,
And Ava's lessons of diligence and friendship, will not depart.

This thing great artists have sought to capture the essence of-
Only to have countless people still wondering, "What is love?"
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