Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Dream Come Tree

I had for long been an arborist, enthusiastically caring for the trees,
Like a grasshopper immersed in a green world, is glad for all he sees.

I had always loved nature, having begun gardening when I was a child,
As bluebirds rise up singing very early, in tangled precincts so wild.

It was foreseeable that this passion, would emerge as my life's work,
As an artist might strive for years, creating a masterpiece artwork!

I was also familiar with various birds, as a result of this vocation,
As the renowned singers grow accustomed, to many flattering ovations.

I was happy in my personal life, and I took great pleasure in it too,
As cawing crows discover pleasure, in twilight scenes of admiral blue!

I had a wealth of great friends, several of whom had known me forever,
As pale stars cling to darkest night, as if to the greatest treasure.

The world's happiest people, have work they both love and understand,
As a sun that's beaming daily, whilst spanning the universe so grand!

Sometimes when I pondered my work, peculiar imaginings occurred to me,
Like wondering what daily life would be, if I should find I was a tree.

One hot Saturday I went to the beach, in search of needed cool relief,
As chiffon stars twinkle all black night, in search of swift release!

I reveled in cool aquamarine waves, underneath clear royal blue skies,
Like an oriole upon seeing ripe cherries, slackens his flight and dives.

In the shadow of a lovely palm tree, I laid back and read for a spell,
As the shade loving riotous blooms, indirectly adore sunshine so well.

The scene was quite pretty and calm, and I, so relaxed I soon drowsed,
As the sun goes vividly into the west, to where black night is housed!

Leaning against the palm I daydreamed, about people places and things,
Like the legendary anonymous fablers, who gave fairytales their wings.

The birds still sang as I became aware, of a strange bodily thickness,
Which was completely paralyzing, like extreme beauty from a distance!

Upon opening my eyes I discovered, that I was much closer to blue sky.
I could tell by looking downwards, at the diminutive people going by.

I could no more perceive my body at all, and slowly it occurred to me,
As I gazed afar out over the sea, that I'd begun a new life as a tree!

A lofty and graceful palm tree, with deep emerald fronds for my hair,
And so loving the spot I found myself, I would never be going anywhere.

In the butterscotch rays of early afternoon, birds flew about my head,
Underneath the sparkling azure skies, zestful as two preparing to wed!

I was glad my sight was unaffected, by the spell I seemed to be under,
I had panoramic 360 degree views, like the golden years full of wonder!

Birds alit upon my lovely head, and they sat there endlessly singing,
Sounds so harmonious and appealing, like Sunday's church bells ringing.

By now I should have been hungry, but I did not experience any pangs,
For I felt the same sunshine vigor, seen since wild birds first sang!

Laughter drifted heavenward to me, from happy beachgoers on the ground,
As a meteor shoots past the sunset moon, faster than the speed of sound.

That morning I'd been walking fast, but by evening I was standing still,
So much change occurs in just one life, like the scarlet redbird trill!

As the sun began to say goodbye, in a spray of plum and tangerine colors,
I felt a strange bittersweet melancholy, as the stars arrived in clusters.

And when I opened my dreaming eyes, a touch of sweet melancholy remained,
Like knowing you lost something you held dear, while you've also gained!
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