Eva/Corey Pedic

17 of October, 2007, Sydney
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I am no stranger to hopelessness,
I have lived through experiences that no one at my age should,
But today, I truly know hopelessness
I sit in my car, the makeup I spent so long carefully perfecting, ruined by tears,
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
I am at the prime of my life, my golden years
This is where I come of age
The sickness in me says otherwise
It clips my wings forcing me to watch as everyone else gets to fly as high as their hearts desire
My heart longs to have what they have
I sit here looking at the cold and dead sea in the night
Desiring to greet it
To walk into it’s cool loving embrace
Welcome the icy sting on my skin
Let the water fill my lungs
Let the scene turn to black
The moon looks on in disappointment
It’s tears the last I will have to cry.
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