Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The Way You Slandered Me

I was a test drive, or worse still a joy ride?
I thought it was love, and I was so blind,
Blind love messed up my life,
And finally, you left me to strive?

Now the love's like acid in my veins,
Waiting for the chance to give back pain,
The knife's twisting farther into my flesh,
And the hatred builds up like never before.

Now I'll push harder, dig deeper,
I'll get what I want, and you?
Like an innocent animal, you'll plead for forgiveness,
And you'll take what I'll pass you.

And cause this world is full of takers,
I ain't giving in,
I am not gonna allow myself to be defeated,
Cause now I'm better, and my heart is made of armor unseen.
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