Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Cracked Heart and Wrecked Soul

My heart is now in a shattered disarray of pieces,
Some lost, some disinterested, and some still hopeful,
Not that your vile self would return, dear,
But the lost pieces would come home.

Now I am a glass figurine,
Perfect to eye, and broken underneath,
Your weapon-like words crushed me to dust,
And you still say 'Hello'?

Cutting me, crawling me;
I know longer think of it as a game,
When you didn't return my love for you,
My heart spat out at you-
"No more even I can."

My world has darkened more than ever before,
My skies no longer blue,
Just this hollowed, absence of feeling,
And I feel sorry, I did misconstrue.

We shared our vulnerabilities more faster than trading cards,
Interlocking our hands as much as our fingers,
And when you turned your back on me,
I found a cracked heart, and wrecked soul.

Now the world seems emptier than ever,
My silly heart is broken beyond mortal repair,
The wind blows cold in the holes you left behind,
To fill it? Sorry, there's no superglue.
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