Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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A Mother's Love

A heart that has grown infinitely wide, over the years,
One for surprises, each day a multitude of tiny, small things,
In a life so ordinary, she was the one extraordinary,
Only mother could turn the mundane into fascination and love.

She had the kind of selfless and sacrificing love, which said-
"I would die for my child, any time, any place,"
She was the spark that ignited hope in my dark soul,
Heedless to say, she was the star of my black hole.

We shared the kind of bond which the civilization could be formed on,
Maintains a stoic face, and faces the hurdles, with a valiant nerve,
Maybe, she has the angel which cries inside, but,
Contends the pretty, intrepid plaster on her outside.

She claims I hold her soul, in me,
Her heart is forever mine,
And silly me wonders sometime,
If her heart and soul, rest in me,
From where does her love and care arrive?
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