Diana Kierce

Pacheco, California

The Great Decade

A fond reminder of an era so grand, with high flying parties & Rock-n-Roll bands. Ike in the White House as We all know, sex symbols Jayne Mansfield & Marilyn Monroe. Appleton spot lights and low ridin' cars. Sal Mineo and James Dean were top known stars. Roy Rogers & Trigger were popular too, along with Lassie and Ella Fitzgerald crying the blues. Little Richard with "Lucille" at the top of the charts and Mona Lisa was a musical art. A hip-swiveling Elvis took the 50's by storm, an era of rock took hold and the King was born. Micky Haggerity "Mr. Universe" with sex appeal. Fats Domino singin' "I'm Walkin" and kicking his heels. Jerry Lee Lewis and the coasters were in, to the tune of Friday night parties, beer and your friends. Beautiful ballads sung by the Platters, were a special part of the 50's glamour. Camels and Lucky cigarettes too, make a guy look pretty darn cool. Cruisin' Mac Donald avenue in low ridin cars, partying under the East Bay stars. Richmond was the in place ot be, listening to the tunes of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Growing up in the 50's was fun-filled days, drinking Lucky Lager and hangin' out at C.C. Cafe. Weekend fun at the roller-rink brought lots of spark, it was located on the hillside at Alvarado Park. Gordon's drive-in, sodas and car hops, guys with Blue Levi's, leather jackets, duck tails and crew tops. Rolled down socks, white oxford shoes, that was the style for us gals too. We were proud of "55" Chevies and convertible tops, Burgle beer and of course the Richmond cops. Doggie diner was the in-place in low, hangin' out with the crowd and then to the Costa we'd go. Wearing your "wing-tipped" wedgie Florsheim shoes, Levi's hangin' low, you looked pretty cool. Girls wore their boyfriend's bracelet he made in metal shop, tight-fittin skirts and a white sweater top. White wall tires and smitty pipes, low ridin cars were a terrific sight. Bill Haley & the Comets played on the radio as you cruised along into San Pablo, El Sobrante and Richmond till dawn. To the uptown theatre on Saturday's we go, weekend drinks were White Port, lemon juice and with goblet we'd glow. Yo-yo's were in, Krup and Rich at the drums, popular as much as bubble gum. Gus with their cigs rolled in their sleeve, along with a church key, melted girls hearts with their flirtatious tease. Richmond High colors were Red and Navy Blue, El Cerrito High was our rival school. We are a part of these wonderful days gone by, going out on Friday nights with your special gal or guy. The 50's were special with moments so tender, our memories we'll always fondly remember. I felt great in my cool '36 Ford that I drove around, thru Richmond, El Sobrante, into Martinez F bound. Happy and great times I endured, on the famous street of 23rd. Crusin Mac Donald and San Pablo Dam Road, being a part of the great Richmond Rogues. We carved our initials on an old oak tree and pledged our love as you can see; Bill and Beulah "in all that has been said and done, everyone said that we were too young. We married anyway and raised our families the best way we could. If we had it to do all over again, we certainly would."
We're glad we were a part of this timeā€”It to us, is our youth, our life line. The Great Decade is dedicated to my dear and close friend, Bill Reasoner, whom I have known since I was a teenager. We loved the fabulous 50's . . . We were a part of the youth growing up in Richmond, a proud era in our lives that shall live with all of us for the remainder of our time. No other decade can surpass the decade of the fifties in Richmond. It was and always will be to us the most glamorous Decade of the Century. We are proud that we were that part of Richmond's history. The 50's will always live on in Bill. They are the greatest moments of his youth. A colorful past for a wonderful guy who lived it to the fullest.
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