Dhruv arneja

December 23, in your head

Some unsaid words

From just being on my class photograph of 4th and 5th standard to entirely being my life

From having that awkward eye contact in the hallway when we first met to having that "4" minute long staring in each others' eyes contest

From staying away from people who even said 'f**k'
To inventing the most offensive of cuss words.
You and i were together

And now, when you are not here with me, my hypothalamus has started finding your presence in its surroundings.

Whenever I try to search for the stars in the blurry nightsky, i end up finding you
I find you in those dark gray clouds, which gather to pour emotions on this emotionless wild creature.
I find you in that intoxicating smell of rain and that smell of those old books with that dusty book jacket, lying on that undiscovered corner of the old library

I find you in my diary entries as they are nothing but just a mere description of how i survived another day bearing the wounds of longing amd how easily i again bought one of our memories and how ferociously tough it was for me to get over it.

I still want to sit on the rooftop at 2 am with you, just stare at the sky and the clouds and drench ourselves in the imperfectly perfect chaos of the raindrops

I can never express in words how badly i just want to be around you, to listen to your voice, to be in your arms and to be lost in that melodious and soulful silence of our conversations.

From always being a follower of sunshine to being best friends with that darkness between the stars and the moon

From having convos where you said that you don't believe in the silly idea of love to writing poetries about unrequited love

I always wanted to find that piece which would complete me someday, not even having a clue that i myself was that piece which was meant to complete you.
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