David Stewart Caspi

Monticello, NY, USA


They say life is a network of peaks and valleys, that it has its ups and downs. I agree. But I also see that every great relationship under the stars must have its due place in time. And that yours and mine shall enjoy the utmost in melodious rhyme. Spiritual reawakening, your sly, come-hither stare brought me one step closer to you. But now I realize that, through the winding course of change, we must now depart. When I hear that bell of fate toll high above me, I know our love just wasn’t meant to be. But, as sure as violets remain colorful and blackbirds sing their harmonious song, our memory lingers on. And it shall withstand the stormiest of seasons, the final burnout of the sun. Love, there can be no replacement for the joy and the togetherness we once knew. The frivolity and gayness of a walk down the lane, a refreshing breeze, a picturesque view. As sure as autumn follows summer, and dandelions grow wild in May, my esteem and wonderment for you shall fill my mind with beautiful thoughts every day.
(Con’t of poems of David Stewart)
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