David Dulzaides

September 29,1989 - Miami
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My kiss

Frantically searching for answers we wander into chaos.

War at every turn.

A loving kiss one second and a decadent betrayal the next

A flat lining symphony of bitter heart beats

A rotting odor of superfluous innuendos which give us a fallacy of a dream which can never be attained.

What is the meaning of all of this?

A love so broken that it is one vibration away from shattering.

A superglued work of art that looks beautiful at first glance but truly reveals its flaws upon further inspection.

A glass house that may shatter at any moment.

Whether the result of a ricocheting bullet or the unequivocal solace of a mind too brilliant to settle for less then what is promised in love.

My kiss will mean more then what is expected.

My kiss will be understanding and passion.

My kiss will be the escape from a purgatory that resonates through manifestations of hatred and permeates joy.

My kiss will be love.
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