Darryl_M Unspecified

Lifespan of a kiss (A clip of a Short Story)

The night blushes to adorn your blouse,
Don’t you wish it came off?
The dawn shies away, prolonging.
Hence, the sensual calling,
all to myself
is where I want you.

Come a little closer,
I’ll give you something your body can vibrate about.

“Can you exceed my expectations?” she asked.
“Are you even worth my time?” she poked.

Funny how I’d like to end the convo,
But still want to leave you in tears,
I’d like to leave you begging for more.
Craving for this, as much as I yearn for it too…

His hand itches to move around her body. She gets on top to tease, oops, there goes his hand sliding up her blouse. Rubbing, he discovered her sacred waters.

Overwhelmed, “No penetration,” she whispers.
(Silence) He doesn’t bother to respond.

On her back, she went down the bed.
The enigma awakens,
voices of the dark, he heard.
He pinned her down, stars apart were her legs.
Steamy, heavy breathing echoed out her mouth.

His tongue got her swollen,
but his cotton-mouth got the best of her.
His scorching rhythm burnt the explosive orgasms out of her.

Pity be unto the ripped sheets and bruised pillows.

He went down sober,
And came up with her intoxicating fluids.

He felt a part of her on his lips.
Soul deep, into one another.
Her secret self wasn’t so hidden anymore.

Tossed and turned, she was, whilst lost at the back of her own mind. All he felt was the slippery slide as the first stroke went.

Lost in sensation; “uh!” she screamed.
A signal of Go deeper!

Thrust in.
Miss no corner, hit the right spot,
See no cervix.

“Taste the salt and creaminess,
A taste that gets and keeps aroused.
Taste you, on me.”
-What says it better, but the lips of a sweet sensual palace.
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