Darlene Shreve Bennett

Elkins, WV, USA


Home towns are special - wherever you go-
And there are special little places where everyone goes.
There's one that is special - and dear to this
-writer's heart - it's Scotties.
It's snuggled in the West Virginia hills-
-In a town called "Elkins", I love so dear.
It's a place where old friends and new-
-come daily or weekly- to share hearts,
dreams, and news.
And always it seems to be busting at the "seams"
With the ups and downs, and problems of everyday life.
It's like a scene the world around-
Of life in America's small home towns
For it captures - a world - and way of life
That would be scary to those of big town life
But - stop and see if you ever come through.
"Scotties" is full of special-
-people - with special dreams-
Just like you.
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