Daniela Serralde

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Double Sided Mirror

I Stand still
Observing through the depths of the double sided mirror
Witnessing all tears of anguish and
Blissful smiles
Everyone stares right through my eyes
Never realizing
Im here
Reaching my arms out to the wonders
Their reflection paints.

I Stand still
Grasping with my soul and mind onto the enriching love the other side of the thin mirror distinguished by desire and actuality possess
Merging my authenticity to the standards beauty is defined as
Fooling my smile into thinking it's not good enough
Seeking glamor from the crude mirror

I Stand still
Missing you with the hard irony of the absence of your presence as present occurs
Mesmerized by flashes of our past and fantasies of our future
The double sided mirror portrays
Trusting my dreams
as they deceive me into an obscure corner of Unworthiness
After all, Dreams are Ethereal
A Beautiful perception of a reality desired but never fulfilled

I Stand Still
When I should ease my heart and mind
Let go.
Breath your own air
This is my side of the mirror

I Stand still
The side of the Mirror where I am trapped inside my own lungs
The side where i can’t free my mind from the norms of society
The side where the eternal silence magnifies itself into a concert
of loud and outrageous thoughts
Which maneuvers its toxicity to my eyes
Blurring my vision
Scraping the originality off my skin
Hiding the beauty of my voice
Promoting avidity and agitation
The side of the mirror where you witness other’s rich colors
While your canvas is still blank

I Stand still
Knowing light is the child of darkness
Giving into the vulnerability loving entails
Slightly tracing the images the mirror exhibits with my finger tips
As the dense air passing through my lungs rapidly escapes and turns
as light as a feather

I Stand Still
Knowing the eternal beauty of this side of the mirror
one adds paint to the dull reflection of their life
The wonder starts when one silences their pondering thoughts
Arranges the myriads of ideas to create an orchestral symphony of
Goals and creativity
Which reflects
Hard work, dedication, and precision
But the ultimate beauty that enlightens the soul is seen
Once they stops viewing their reality with negativity and heartache
In that realization of Internal beauty
OF Sincerity
The mirror automatically transfers your beauty to the other side
With the rest of the masterpieces people have made of their despair

I Stand Still
Knowing who I am.
Knowing that falling has a serene sense of liberty
Knowing my side of the mirror.
Watching the Beautiful reflection i paint
Of what used to be a blank canvas
Isn't this double sided mirror beautiful?

I Stand still
What side of the mirror are you on?
-Daniela Serralde
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