Connor Mcleod

A writter lost in the body of IT

A girl i never knew yet i loved.

In a dull world
my brain goes offline
voices to read
and text to abide

Jumping trough the wires
you find yourself alive
on a eternal summer
during winter times

Maybe on another life
I think i called your name
Maybe on a different world
I heard your call

Every time I'm reborn
I can hear your song
Every time i pass away
and I want to see you again

Yet fate has it's path
and it does move fast
And so it might be
I lost that is dear to me

But the memories are
what we call eternal
and yet your memory
will always walk with me

For my sins are heavy
My doubts are tarry
but my heart is true
and so is my love for you

I wish i could see you
I wish i could cheer you
Yet another day will come
And another night will pass

And we will meet
on the palace of memories
on the dawn of lies
where i will smile

for you... one last time
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