Daniel Mergler

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Song Of The Soul

If I could trace a melody of Mozart to its source,
I'm sure that I would find my own soul.
Of what Utopia does Mozart speak?
He turns me into a dreamer of golden dreams
That reach out to the very universe itself,
Joining my heart with the very stars,
Bringing ecstasy to my senses,
Blinding my eyes to the manifold tragedy of life.
For what is the darker side of life
Compared to the song of Mozart's soul?
Vital, like the very breath of life itself,
He triumphs over sadness and despair.
Mozart helps me see a future
Touched by beauty and perfection,
Unlimited in pure potential,
The dream of music that tears, however bitter,
Can never wash away . . .
I listen to Mozart's melody as I never listened before,
And I feel my own soul sing
As it never has sung before.
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