Correina MacRae

What Happens Now?

What happens now?
Where do I turn?
There is no escape
From my memories,
And no good lessons
From this can be learnt.

My heart beats steadily
Inside my chest,
Yet I cannot feel it beat.
My world seems far way,
I reach for it, but cannot grasp.
I long for the day when I
Will be freed from my past, at last.

Although, you do not know
Exactly what you’ve done.
Know this now, you may have
Won then battle, but the war
Has only just begun.

You may have abused
My body and my mind,
You may have taken away
My hope and trust
But cannot take away
The strength I hold inside.

You are just a man
With no conscience, or any morals.
You may not feel about
What you’ve done to me now but
I guarantee you’ll regret it all tomorrow...
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