Correina MacRae

I Love

I love your personality
The way you smile and
Make me laugh.
I love the way your eyes
Sparkle, they seem to shine
Whenever you look into mine..

I love the late night walks we have
The way you hold me and love me
The way you do.
I can’t get over the way I can say
Anything and it’s always
So perfect to you.

I love how your so honest
And how you come to see me
All the time.
I feel so important knowing that I
Am the one you want in your life.

I love you for who you are
And how you seem to see
That life is one big journey
And you want to take that
Trip with me.

I love you because you are
So amazing, so incredible in
My eyes.
Your so humorous and intelligent,
I am so glad your in my life.
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