Correina MacRae

Come Back And Tell Me

How do I get something back
that is lost forever,
in a hail of tears and regrets?
How do I get you to forgive me
for something so hurtful and irresponsible?
Why did I say, “Good-bye”
when I barely say, “Hello” to you?
Where do I go when there’s no where to turn?
How do I repair a bridge, that I never meant to burn?
How do I set back time to the way it used to be,
when I loved you and you loved me?
How do I heal the wounds
that I made upon your heart?
How did I ever let us fall this far apart?
I wonder if you were honest,
when you told me that you care.
I know you unintentionally lied to me,
when you promised that you’d never leave,
and swore that no matter what you’d always be there.
My heart tells me I was wrong
and I should have kept you in my life.
It tells me that you needed me as much as
I will always need you.
So tell me love, with all these possibilities
what am I supposed to do?
I love you but I’m not sure I’m supposed to,
I know that you care for me but no longer
like you used to.
Come back and tell me it doesn’t matter
what I think or what I feel because you
want in my life to be there.
Come back to me and tell me
that I mean something to you.
Please come back and tell me,
“I love you and I miss you”.
Come back and tell me that despite
what I think you’ve always told the truth.
Tell me that with everything I’ve done
I’ve never been more wrong in my life.
Tell me that our future is not a need but fate itself.
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