Corey Alpough

November 22, 1994 - Houston TX
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In My Arms

In my Arms
I remember the night so vividly
Saw you on the couch thinking how much that you meant to me
I was walking to the kitchen then my mood suddenly changed
You had been there all day so I thought it was strange

I walked over next to you and I called your name
You didn’t respond because of so much pain
I grabbed you by your arm then you started to shake,
all I could do was jump like a fish in the lake

I asked your friend is my mom okay,
He said no Corey she’s been sleep all day
You kept shaking so I started to run,
but your friend said quick call 911

I called 911 and they picked up the phone,
I told them hurry up because she’s almost gone
They told me pick her up and put her on the floor
Just wait a second we will be up at your door

We performed cpr until the ambulance could make it
You were my mother, I didn’t know if I could take it
You were breathing heavily trying to survive
Praying to God to keep my mom alive

Held you in my arms as I saw you go
Didn’t won’t to accept it so I kept saying no
Laid my head against yours with tears running down my face
Telling myself why my mother have to go in this place

The ambulance had made it but they took kinda long
They did cpr again but I thought it was wrong
I’m not saying that they didn’t care,
but you were my mother so I couldn’t bare
I walked outside and all I did was stare,
thinking to myself, saying life ain’t fair

They put you in the back and said we will try our best
My heart was racing because I already knew the rest
I went up to the hospital and I waited in the room,
They told me sit tight a doctor will be here soon

The doctor sat down and said I know that you loved her,
I’m sorry to tell you that we have lost your mother
I walked to the room and saw you lying in the bed,
Shaking my head like my mothers really dead

I kissed on your head and said my final goodbye,
I saw you were at peace and could finally fly
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