Conrad Santos

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Poli Poem

Almighty and All-Knowing One, the ground of our being
Everlasting, timeless aeon, living is believing.

Bigotry is the certainty that we know everything.
Politics is no guaranty, what we know's worth knowing.

Courage is test of Politics when in minority;
But tolerance is more basic, when in majority.

Democracy is government with the people's assent
Freedom, justice, equal treatment are bases for consent.

Equality is guaranteed in the Constitution,
Not to be discriminated on sex, race, religion.

Freedom is indivisible, not for privileged few,
Be made available to all and defended anew.

Government exists to correct social inequity
Can only be as good as those placed in authority.

Hypocrisy is the feigning of some good quality
By appearing or believing without sincerity.

Ideas, if great and timely, must govern society;
But ideas are good only to change reality.

Justice, as goal of government, is right of the weaker,
To impartial and fair judgment under law and order.

Knowledge exchanged and discussions, and not confrontations
Are what we need for solution of human situations.

Leaders are good, if they inspire confidence in themselves;
But better still, if they instill trust in people themselves.

Morality is principal essence of Politics;
Nothing is truly viable, unless based on Ethics.

None politically correct, if it's morally wrong;
A policy we must reject, if we're to rule for long.

Obscurity is more likely for those politicians
who're guided by expediency in making decisions.

Power in Politics corrupts, corrupts absolutely;
But lack of power corrupts too for the power hungry.

Quest for power in Politics is great motivation
If quest is based upon Ethics, knowledge of right and wrong.

Responsibility we need among politicians,
Accountability indeed among public servants.

Socially-conscious activists, workers and other group,
Let's all in unity enlist political support.

Totalitarian regimes are very possible
For any ignorant, illiterate people.

Unionization of workers must be democratic
Or else union leaders would be egocentric.

Virtue among public leaders is what we need today
An antidote to the distrust and great voter's dismay.

War and all instruments of war, we must all do away
And settle our differences in every peaceful way.

Xenophobia shall disappear if we resolve to do
Unto others what we desire, to us others would do.
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