Colleen Harmon

Caribou, Maine

Forever More

Green, blue and houses of white,
Oh how they all sparkle tonight,
For peace is present, joy is heard, and calmness felt.

With snow glistening and the full moon shining,
Music playing and children singing,
To celebrate the birth of "Him" and share "His" love among their kin.

Lights flashing red, green, and yellow
To spread the word to each young fellow;
For tonight is "His" night , Forever More.

The words of peace, love and joy, remind us of that special boy;
When a baby was born in a manger they say,
"The King of Peace" was on born this day.

A child so long ago, to carry our burdens upon "His" soul,
Born among the lowly, with animals at the door,
To bring us a promise of Forever More.

Let your heart open and feel "His" warmth of peace,
And let each coming day enjoy "His" feast,
For the day is special and no one wants to miss
The only one called "Christmas".
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