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Walk away

I walk away, life is irony itself,
a payback for the past, a consequence without a cause

I walk away, not to run, but to find strength to go on
I am not what you need and I am not what you want,
you must chase your own personal mirage

I didn’t ask for this, I did not want it, I was content and at peace,
and here it is, a small crack in my defences and you blew open the wall

do worlds implode when souls collide?
pulled into orbit around the milky way
the soul is purged of its human shell
Dante, I’d gladly dance through all the levels of your hell

life is cruel and time is not a distance we can span
It’s not your fault, a brief moment of distraction and I tripped and fell.

should I be grateful that just this once I could feel?

your eyes touch my soul,
I search for life in other people's eyes
but find an empty void

and still, it stabs and it hurts and suffocates,
so I twist the knife, hoping to kill the source
and make it dissipate

I hope that strength will come from strength,
a strength to feel so deep, yet strength to walk away

and as I let go an you disappear in the distance, I know
I need you more than I ever needed another soul

mirage: we create an image of our future, but the future reality invariably greatly differs
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