Christen Kuikoua

Christen Kuikoua ( born Christen Kuikoua Keutchankeu on March 1st, 2007) Is an American actor, aspiring fashion model, singer, poet, Instagrammer, and Internet Personality.
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Sonnet 06: Virtuous Whispers

In life's vast stage, where heroes may disguise,
Not all in robes of grandeur, they arise.
Amongst celestial stars in graceful stance,
A hidden hero's love and kind romance.

In moments dark, where tears like rivers flow,
Her soothing words in whispers gentle grow.
A guiding light, through nighttime's somber flight,
In galaxies, her presence brings delight.

From her, I've learned that valor's mask may hide,
Not always clad in royal robes with pride.
But in the simple acts of kindness, pure,
True heroes dwell, their virtues to endure.

So let's cherish those who bring us sweet release,
For heroes come in forms that never cease,
In life's grand theater, where stories spin,
Unseen, the heroes lie, hearts deep within.
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