Christen Kuikoua

Christen Kuikoua ( born Christen Kuikoua Keutchankeu on March 1st, 2007) Is an American actor, aspiring fashion model, singer, poet, Instagrammer, and Internet Personality.
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My Shameful Self Vs God's love

The lord is my shepherd, why should I stumble?
In the midst of tribulation, He holds my hands
He Protects me from my greatest adversary

Fights my battle in times of war
And feeds me whenever hunger strikes
Never have I ever lacked,
For he always has provided

In my shivering and pain,
He heals me
Never has he ever forsaken me,
Though my ungrateful self does
He gifted my mouth with songs and graced my hand with poetry.
What a gift I didn’t deserve

Can’t count the number of time death was deserved
Instead, he showed me grace
He calls me his, Though I don’t feel worthy
Yet by my side in my greatest falls, He Remains

What a loving God I call my own,
though his love is not deserved by me
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