Chloe Foster

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The infinite opposition that stretches into the mind,
Cutting through the vast emptiness,
A singularity of grand finality.
Neither time nor space applies,
It always is and always will be,
Far beyond the limits of human language,
Its existence is the antithesis of quantum reasoning.
It is there before an observance and it will be there after.
Should I find comfort in such presentness?
In the knowledge that such a thing will still cut through the landscape,
Long after we have destroyed it,
Long after we have cut the branch we were sitting on,
Falling through the cracks and scratches of the tree of life,
To our inevitable ending.
Long after we have said our final farewells to all that we have known and all we ever will know,
The darkness will stand,
In its sureness.
It will bathe in the unknowing knowledge of its being,
For it never wanted,
It was never a parasite nor a host,
It simply existed and was comfortable in its existence,
It wrapped itself in the cloak of radical acceptance.
It didn't bargain,
Or fight,
Or love,
Or live,
It will surpass every creation we have made,
Every building that we filled with light and warmth,
Every article of clothing that we loved into faded and worn down cloth,
Its existence is one of infinite and unwavering security,
Ours is one of finite insecurity,
So in the end,
Darkness will always outlast,
And we will always out-love.
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