Chastity Holman


Is there a feeling between you and me?

How do I tell Thee,
When I can not figure out a way.

My words I can not express;
Not in script nor in say.

Just in emotion, in which I am about to gain..........
This emotion expresses not sorrow nor pain;
But, rather, happiness and illumination.

My trust in which I regained from Thee,
Has greatly influenced and enriched me.......

To take a stand!
On my feelings which are at hand.

In trust I carry a torch for Thee......
Of which respect is given from me.

Your sweetness takes a hold of my heart.......
Unto which it cannot be broken apart.

My heart was stone and is turning to clay.........
Because your caringness has been pushed this way.

Though life may seem at times unfair........
The spark of commonness has remained there.

Though at times we may brew.......
Our compatibility still shines through;
The cloud of inhumanity of which contains me and you.

Though this poem may not make any sense.......
It keeps are love together and in suspense.

Now that my thoughts have been given to Thee.

I propose the question........
Will you marry me?
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